DatasheetsDe datasheets zijn weer online. Toegang via een standaard FTP applicatie via:Datasheets are online again. They can be accessed by FTP software with these settings:


Server naam / Server name

Gebruikersnaam / User name  datasheet

Wachtwoord / Password   datasheet

Voor directe toegang met zeer hoge snelheid draait een mirror in Engeland op
For direct acces with High Speed and bandwidth a mirror is hosted at

Bij te zware belasting van mijn Internetverbinding gaat e.e.a. (tijdelijk) offline.If my Internet Connection suffers from to much downloaders I will put the datasheets temporarily Offline.

Voor mensen zonder FTP software is de datasheet verzameling ook te bereiken via HTTP:If you're without FTP software the collection can be viewed with the use of your browser:

Daarbij bovenstaande gegevens invullen en dan kan gewoon via de webbrowser de datasheet verzameling worden geraadpleegd.If you enter the settings as above you can download datasheets with your browser.

In net2ftp moet je dan bij "Initial Directory" nog /home/datasheet ingeven. Als je dit veld leeg laat moet je handmatig naar de folder "home" bladeren en daarna naar de folder "datasheet".

In net2ftp you have to add /home/datasheet as "Initial Directory". If you leave this empty you have to browse manually to the "home" directory after which you have to browse to the "datasheet" directory.

Attention: Sometimes I see users looking for a datasheet but not being able to locate it at the server. If this is the case, please send me an email and I will send you the file. The contents of the Datasheet server does not show all folders. I'm working on a page with the content of the server including the folder & pathname.

Disclaimer: All datasheets are placed on this server in the believe that no copyrights are offended. If someone thinks his copyright is being harmed by the presence of one ore more datasheets please let me know by email as found on the contact page.


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